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Canary Islands

canary islands
The Canary Islands are a Spanish group of Islands, known as an Archipelago, which are situated off the northwest coast of Africa.

They are made up of the following islands: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla de Lobos, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Here you will find some information about the four most popular Islands.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and has the highest population of almost 910,000. As the main tourist island of the Canaries, it receives over five million visitors every year.

One of the main tourist attractions in Tenerife is Mount Teide, the tallest mountain in Spain and one of the largest volcanoes in the world. Other attractions of the island are its nightlife and party scenes, beach resorts, and the carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.



This is the second largest island of the Canaries, and yet has a much lower population of around 86,000 (2005).

Despite its low population, it is a very popular holiday destination and many people visit the island to enjoy its year-long sunshine, beautiful beaches, see the large sand dunes, and take part in its wide variety of watersports available.

İts name translates in English as ‘strong winds’.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the second most populated island of the Canary Islands, sitting very close behind Tenerife with approximately 840,000 inhabitants. Although it is relatively high in population, it is smaller in size than Tenerife and Fuerteventura. However, it is also one of the most popular holiday destinations.
İts capital city, Las Palmas, is also the capital of the autonomous community of the Canary İslands, along with Santa Cruz in Tenerife.
One of the most attractive features of Tenerife is that as a holiday destination it offers something for everyone, young and old, families and couples. İt has the typical features of a holiday resort- sun, sea, and sand, but also has beautiful nature to explore, sports to take part in, and a huge golf tradition and culture.



Compared to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Lanzarote has quite a low population of just over 142,000 inhabitants. Although like Fuerteventura, is also another popular holiday destination. Many people are fascinated by the terrain in Lanzarote, which is often described as very ‘lunar’, like a scene from a sci-fi film, due to the volcanic eruptions.

Another attraction of Lanzarote is its beautiful white sandy beaches.


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Long Haul Flights

long haul flights

Long Haul Flights Different airlines have different definitions on what they consider to be a long haul flight, although generally it is any flight which lasts over 6 hours. This length of time on an aeroplane can become uncomfortable, tiring, and even stressful for travellers. The first thing you should think about when travelling a long distance is your health. Before travelling try to consume a diet which strengthens your immune system as it is easy to pick up illnesses on an aeroplane due to it being completely enclosed and having dry, re-circulated air. When we are busy thinking about travel documents, airport security, making it to the gate on time, we can very easily forget to take care of our essential needs like eating and drinking.

It is especially important to drink lots of water when we fly because the altitude can cause us to become dehydrated. As the flight will be long, make sure you either have plenty water available or that you can acquire water from the on board drink service. Also remember to try to eat a meal when you have the opportunity to do so as you need to keep up your energy levels. Sitting on an aeroplane for any amount of time has the potential to cause health conditions such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or leg clots because the immobility of our bodies greatly slows down our blood circulation. For this reason it is very important to walk about the cabin as much as possible, and if it isn’t possible, to move our legs a lot whilst seated. Long haul flights can severely interfere with our sleep patterns they require us to travel for long periods of time possibly through our usual sleep times. For some people this is not a problem as they find it easy to sleep on a plane or any other mode of transport, but for other people it is almost impossible to sleep whilst travelling no matter how tired they are. This can be because of anything such as noise from other people or the aeroplane engine, the movement of the aircraft, anxiousness about flying, feeling travel sick, being uncomfortable, or simply just because they need a proper bed to sleep in.

There are ways to make sleeping easier on whilst flying, for example, ear plugs to block out noise, an eye mask to block the light, a neck or travel pillow to give you something comfortable to rest your head and support your neck, and a blanket so you aren’t affected by the chill of the air conditioning. It is a good idea to take plenty of entertainment with you as you are literally ‘in for the long haul’. Many long haul flights have seat-back entertainment systems which means every passenger has their own screen which they can control and switch between movies, TV programs, radio, and games.

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Saint Tropez

st tropez

Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez is a town located in South East France in the French Riviera, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.
It was mainly a fishing village up until the early years of the 20th Century, and in 1944 was the military landing site of Operation Dragoon, in which Southern France was the target of an Allied invasion.
Saint Tropez is now a glamorous seaside town and host of top hotels, beaches, and nightlife. It is well known for being the “get-away” haven for celebrities, and many people like to visit here just to do a bit of star spotting. The town’s main economic resource is from tourism and is well known for Hotel Byblos and Les Caves Du Roy, which have been linked to Brigitte Bardot and Gunter Sachs.
Brigitte Bardot is a French actress who starred in ‘And God Created Women’ which was set in Saint Tropez. This film was one of the films that helped the town to become internationally renowned as the setting in films.

Some other notable hotels in Saint Tropez are Pan Dei Palais Hotel, Hotel La Ponche, and Pastis Hotel which are all for the more higher end budgets. More medium range hotels are Hotel Le Mouillage, and Hotel B Lodge.

The most popular and well known beach in Saint Tropez is Pampelonne Beach which measures approximately three miles long and in high summer it can accommodate up to 30,000 people a day.  It was also the actual landing site of the previously mentioned Operation Dragoon. This beach is quite expensive to hire sun loungers and parasols where you will be looking at a starting price of around 30 euros. If you fancy a sopt of lunch on the beach, don’t expect to pay anything less than 50 euros.

Many people like to visit Saint Tropez’ other beaches purely because they are less popular, and therefore quieter and more spacious. Some of these beaches are Plage De La Bouillabaisse and Plage des Graniers.

Saint Tropez hosts some of the most exclusive bars and night clubs in Europe, many of them are very difficult to get into unless you are of very high status, famous, or have close connections. If you do manage to get in, then again they can be very expensive. Some of these places are Les Caves Du Roy, VIP Room, Papagayo, and Chez Maggy.

In terms of activities in Saint Tropez, the options are fairly limited. However, many people like to watch the luxury and millionaire yachts coming into port, visit the old village, or visit an art gallery, which gives a taste of the town’s artistic culture and history.

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Manchester is a city which is situated in the North West of England. The city developed as an urban area during the industrial revolution when there was a boom in textile manufacturing. It became the world’s first industrialised city. It was first granted city status in 1853 after it had a large increase in factories and mills. In 1877 the Manchester Ship Canal opened, which at the time was the world’s longest river navigation canal.
Industrialism decreased in Manchester after World War 2 which in turn decreased its fortunes. However a lot of investment was put into the city to regenerate it after the 1996 IRA bombing. If you enter the city now, you will notice a contrast in old and new buildings, the former being the survivors of the bomb and the latter being the transformation of the city.

You can explore the history of Manchester in the city itself, by visiting its popular museums such as the Museum of Science and Industry, the Museum of Transport, The Manchester Museum, and in Trafford, a neighbouring borough, is the Imperial War Museum North.

Today, the city of Manchester has a population of just over 512,000, but it is part of the larger area of Greater Manchester, which has a population of over two and a half million.
It is noted recognised globally for a number of concepts including its architecture, for example the Manchester Town Hall is considered to be one of the most important Victorian buildings in the world and it is built with gothic architecture, its music culture, as it is home to some of the world’s most notable musicians including The Courteeners and Oasis, its media connections, scientific and engineering output, and even more famously, it’s sporting connections, in particular Manchester United Football Club.

The high streets in the city centre are always full of shoppers as it has an extensive array of high street and designer shops, as well as the Arndale Shopping Centre and food court. The print works is another unique place in Manchester which holds some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants, and the Odeon cinema.

From mid-november, the Manchester Christmas markets begin in which stall holders from all over the world come to sell their produce, handmade crafts, unique items, and local cuisine. There are cooked sausages from Germany available, beer tents, mulled wine stalls, and many more which make these markets a unique and very popular experience.

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Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, which is an autonomous community of Spain. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and economic and cultural-sports centres in the world. The whole of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area has a population of 5 million.
It is situated on the Mediterranean coast between the Llobregat and Besos river mouths, and therefore has a Mediterranean climate which consists of hot, dry summers and mild winters.
Here you will find a mini travel guide on some of the major areas of Barcelona.

Ciutat Vella

Ciutat Vella is Barcelona’s old city, and at the centre of it is the Barri Gotic, which is Catalan for Gothic Quarter. The buildings here date back Medieval and even Roman times. It is a fascinating place to visit as you get right in the heart of its history, and can see the old, beautiful, and unique Catalan architecture.

Barceloneta and the Ports


The seafront of Barcelona was completely transformed in 1992 in preparation for the Olympic games.       Today it is favoured by tourists for its quirky shops, brilliant nightlife and exquisite dining choices, in particular its vast area of top sea food restaurants.
Some of the most popular restaurants here are Le Mar Salada, mainly a paella restaurant, Can Sole, a real sea food lovers restaurant, and Negro Carbon, which is known for it’s tapas.


Eixample, which translates as Expansion, is literally just that, an expansion. It is situated between the old city and what used to be surrounding small towns. If you were to look at it from above, you will immediately notice that Eixample looks just like a grid, as it is made up of long, straight streets and square blocks. When in this area you will also notice its unique, modernist architecture.

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Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and is located on Australia's south east coast.
Sydney was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip and was the site of the first British colony.
Today it is a bright, thriving city which also has stunning sandy beaches such as Manly beach and Bondi beach. The city also has plenty of greenery and beautiful gardens. It has a current population of over 4.6 million and is popular with tourists all year round.
There is so much to see and do in Sydney it can be hard to know where to start, so here are a few of the most popular places of interest and dining experiences around this great city.

Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House is a performing arts centre located on Sydney harbour. It actually consists of several venues and due to its symbolic status, many people like to visit the opera house even if it is just to see and capture it's unique architectural design. However, those who want to see inside it and see a performance can book tickets for the price of the particular production.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world and is known as the international symbol of Australia. The famous bridge took six years to construct and was completed in March 1932.
Tourists have the opportunity to climb to the too of the bridge on a guided tour, and when they reach the top are greeted by the most breath taking views of Sydney. This is definitely a must-see and do!

Botanical Gardens
There are three major botanical gardens in Sydney, namely, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan Botanic Garden, and Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. They were first opened in 1816 and are still enjoyed today by both residents and tourists as a tranquil, peaceful contrast to the bustling city centre.

Where to Eat
Sydney hosts so many restaurants and cafés with all different themes and experiences.
You can dine over looking the water at one of Australia's most respected restaurants, Quay, located on the harbour. Here you can have delicious food and brilliant views.
For even more of a view, you can have dinner at Sydney Tower Buffet. This banquet style dining experience is extremely unique as the restaurant revolves around Sydney Tower so you can see all of Sydney whilst you eat.

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Why is Greece a Great Holiday Destination?

In recent times, Greece has had some negative press in the media largely due to its current economic crisis. However, many holiday makers who have visited Greece in the past couple of years will tell you that there is no need to dismiss it as a great holiday destination and plenty will highly recommend that anyone thinking of going, should go.
This guide will give you some general information about Greece as well as some of its main highlights and attractions.

The climate in Greece is generally that of a Mediterranean climate although different parts of Greece can differ due to the country's geography. The areas to the west of the Pindus mountain range are usually wetter whereas the areas to the east of these mountains are dryer and winder.
During the summer Greece is has generally warm/hot temperatures, plenty of sun and clear skies which makes it a popular place for those people wanting a sun holiday.

There are a number of popular holiday destinations in mainland Greece and the surrounding Greek Islands. Here are some of these places and what you can do there whilst on holiday.

Balos beach and lagoon, Rethymnon old town, Amarion Stables, Old Venetian Harbour, Pelagos Dive Centre.

The Acropolis Museum, Hephaistion, Temple of Hephaestus, Parthenon, Byzantine Museum, Plaka.

Medieval city, St Paul's Bay, Ancient Rhodes, Village of Lindos, Agathi Beach, Tsambika Beach, The Water Park, Plakia Beach.

Amour I Bay, Skaros Rock,Tramonto ad Oia, Ancient Thera, Perissa Beach, Open Air Cinema, Santorini Golcano, Kamari Beach.

Corfu Reptilla Roda, Kassiopi, Paleokastritsa Beach, Pyramid adventure park, Barbati Beach, Mount Pantokrator, Corfu Aquarium.

Porto Limnionas Beach, Keri caves, Marathonissi, Blue caves, Tsilivi Waterpark, Xygia Sulphur Beach, Banana Beach.

Mandrake Elias Beach, open air cinema, Eleni Beach, Lalzria Beach, Bourtzi Beach, Bird Island, The Papadiamandis House.

Nissyros, Agios Stefanis Beach, Eleftherias Square, Agios Theologos, Asklepion, Xerokambos exotic beach Paleo Pili, Cavo Paradiso, Kos town castle, Roman Odeon of Kos, Lido Waterpark, Kos natural park.

Greek cuisine is mostly Mediterranean and uses a lot of olive oil, bread, fish, wine, a wide range of meats, vegetables, olives, cheese, aubergines and yoghurt.
You can try all kinds of Greek dishes by visiting traditional Greek restaurants, however if you are staying in tourist area and holiday resort then there are usually many restaurants serving lots of other types of cuisine as well.